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Dubai, Al Qusais

Al Qusais is one of the largest communities of Dubai city and is located in Deira district towards the eastern region of Dubai city. This area is composed of both residential and industrial area.  The residential area here includes Al Qusais First, Al Qusais Second and Al Qusais Third and the Al Qusais industrial area is further divided into five regions. This region is surrounded by variety of learning opportunities in the form of various schools, universities, colleges and training centers. Here you can also enjoy learning dance, music and art at some private institutes.

The Al Qusais consists of many supermarkets and departmental stores and there are many shopping opportunities available in this area. Some of the most famous malls here include Al Mulla Plaza, the Madina Mall and the Lulu Hypermarket. Here you can find all the medical facilities in the form of various hospitals and medical aid centers. There are also various clubs where you can enjoy sporting activities such as Al Ahli Club. There are two public parks in the region where you can spend a relaxing time including Al Qusais 1 park located close to the Masjid Al Ansar mosque and the other one is Al Qusais 2 park located behind damascus street.