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Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Road

Dubai city is blessed by a wide range of beautiful beaches along the Dubai coastal area. At these beaches one can spend a whole day under the bright sunshine and in crystal clear water of the beach. At this Beach coastal region, visitors can enjoy variety of water sporting activities including fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, paragliding and snorkeling. Beach Coast of Dubai city features wide range of accommodation options for leisure and business travelers of Dubai city. You can find luxurious properties with excellent living facilities here.

Dubai beaches are blessed with soft white sand; warm water and sun shine 12 hours a day. Most of the beaches are located along the Jumeirah Road. One of the most famous beach resorts is Marina Beach Resort. One of the most popular sandy beaches among tourists is the Ajman Beach where you can enjoy experience of sunbathing, dolphin watching and splashing all around. The eastern coast of Dubai city is home to many attractions including beaches, sandy deserts, camels and headlands. The Snoopy Island is also quite famous for diving and snorkeling. Most of the tourists prefer to stay around the Beach Coast to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant environment away from the hustle bustle of city life.