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Cheeky Dubai Desert Escape!

Category: 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours
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Cheeky Dubai Desert Escape!


Come with us to the golden Deserts of Dubai and experience the absolutely stunning sand dunes, patterns and proper Arabic culture courtesy the lovely local scene!
In this Escape, we'll go for some wicked dune bashing in a 4x4 Jeep, camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding and dinner (Obvs not necessarily in that order haha!). At the latter part of the journey, we'll gather around the campfire, have complementary dinner featuring some Arabic classics and have a gander at some traditional desert pastimes such as henna tattoos and Tanoura folk dancing. There's a bar in the campsite too and if you'd fancy a drink under the stars in the desert, you're in for a treat!! 
If you're a Vegetarian or a Vegan, we'll guarantee that your requests are met! :D (We'll also provide Toilet Paper, bottled water, tissues, hand sanitizers too!)

SO we'll pick you on time from your hotel(s) and welcome you on board!
You'll be introduced to a rather chatty tour guide who'll be with you on along the way (you can swap seats with them if you'd like sitting in the front haha!) and they'll let you in on the whole excursion!
We'll essentially head towards a camel farm and get to see these natural ships of the desert up close and learn about their history with Arabian culture!. Then THIS IS THE SUPER FUN PART! We'll get in to our Jeep and go dune bashing! Its super adrenaline rushing and is SUPER thrilling! The confidence of the driver as they maneuver along/through/over/into the dunes is astounding! The whole experience is can be stomach tingling and is a right good laugh (obviously if you're not feeling like it/well, we'll STOP immediately and go for quad biking or something less intense! :D)
Next, head to a desert campsite for a sandboarding adventure. With your guide’s instruction, learn how to maneuver down the dunes. You can even race your friends woop!!
We'll reach the desert camp as the sun sinks towards the horizon (it'll be like a scene from Star Wars: A New Hope with Luke and the twin suns!!). If you fancy some Henna painting done, no worries at all! We can get that on the site and then go on to watch a folk-dance show. Dinner includes shawarma or barbecue, accompanied by traditional Arabian dishes. Before you head back to your drop-off point, sample shisha (using a traditional water pipe) while watching a belly-dance performance and later on, the Tanoura dance! You'll also get to see a fire show/dance too after the Tanorua dance and the performers' adorably engage with the audience while exhibiting some next level fire skills that could go and potentially feature in the cartoon series, Avatar (its a bit like fire bending!) 
Later on, we'll take you back to your hotel and miss you and thank you for joining us! You'll get loads of pictures taken courtesy us but nothing beats a good selfie hey! :D
Thank you for reading this and hope you'll come with us and have loads of fun!