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Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina

Category: Dhow Cruises
Price From $ 75
Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina


  • Spectacular views of Dubai Marina illuminated by night.
  • Delicious buffet dinner and on-board entertainment.

The dhow is a derived word that means a vessel, in olden days the trading was done in these vessels but as the time passed these vessels replaced by some other trading vehicles.  The marina is one of the beautiful ports where different cruises are stationed. 
Adventure in Dubai is offering the ride in the dhow cruise dubai marina where you’ll be served delicious dinner. And you’ll also be entertained by some live performance. In olden days that was what the dhow cruises were used for, for given away the live performances but as the time passed the belly dance was one of them and its glamour declined and was replaced by a more traditional egypt dance in the dhow cruise dubai which was Tanura dance. It’s a traditional dance that is performed by the males mostly. It sparks the evening with such lively and real performances.  Adventure in Dubai is trying its best to give you all the comforts that you require in your tour because it’s your priority that comes first. Don’t wait up and book it for your family to enjoy the best time by having dinner in the water. Make the most of it and make your loved ones feel special