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Dubai Atlantis Ray Feeding Experience

Category: Water Parks
Price From $ 129.86
Dubai Atlantis Ray Feeding Experience


This program will allow guests the opportunity to hand feed Cow nose Rays (Rhinoptera javanica) in the shallow area of the Shark Tank, Aquaventure. It will involve both navigators and aquarists to share the experience. The program is time based.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hand feed the cownose rays and experience a close encounter in shallow waters with these marine animals.
You will meet the navigator who will lead the tour at the Shark Lagoon in Aquaventure Waterpark. Upon arrival, your name and number of participants will be checked off. 
After entering the lagoon area, you will be given a bright yellow gift sticker that states 'I love Rays' and undergo a short briefing on safety and ray biology. After the briefing, you will be guided by the aquarist and given food to assist in the proper feeding of the rays.
The maximum group size for the ray feeding is eight people. Larger groups will be split for a better and more of a personal experience. Be sure to arrive dressed and prepared to get wet. Appropriate swim suits are required.