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Dubai's Chillout Ice Lounge

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Dubai's Chillout Ice Lounge


Being in The Chillout ICE Lounge is a curious and unique experience of freezing yourself in negative temperature when outside temperature is close to 50 degree Celsius. Having a hot chocolate or an apple pie is all together a dream come true experience.

Visit: Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai, Emirate of Dubai

The chill out Ice Lounge is located inside the famous Time Square mall, its amazing to see the refrigeration innovation inside which enabled architects and technicians to make various UAE monuments with ICE blocks, you find your self sitting on an ice chair or sitting on an ice made motor bike, the diffused lightnings changes the colors time to time which adds on the excitement of finding your self in an ICE made world.
Visitors are served with thermal clothing such as heavy jackets, woolen gloves and heavy duty rubber shoes which keeps your body intact in minus six degree temperature inside the Chillout lounge.
Visitors are suggested to adjust their body temperature at buffer zone which is set to 5 degree Celsius , it gives body the chance to adjust to the low temperature in the main Chillout Lounge
There will be magic show for children on specific timings during different days of the week and passenger can also buy hot chocolate, coffee apple pie inside the lounge.