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Fish Tales Lost Chambers Tour

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Price From $ 42.47
Fish Tales Lost Chambers Tour


This program will allow guests the opportunity to discover the secrets of the Lost Chambers. They will see our most popular exhibits from a new perspective and enjoy a visit to the state of the art Fish Hospital.

Upon arrival you will be greeted at the entrance of Lost Chambers before you are taken to discover and experience the Fish Tale tour. Lead by a in house navigator who will entice you with over 20 remarkable marine life exhibits including a interactive touch tanks.

Once you have checked in you will be toured by a navigator who will educate you on the behind the scenes activities and you will see one of largest mechanical rooms, state of the art Fish Hospital, Fish food preparation area, and participate in one of the scheduled fish feedings, for which will give you a insight on the techniques used to prep for the 65,000 marine animals inside the Lost Chambers aquarium. 

At the end of the experience your Navigator will escort you to the Lost Chambers so you can wander the rest of the attraction at your own pace.
Please note a additional ticket will need to be purchased for a general admission to the Lost Chambers for all day visitors.