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Fossils and Camel Rock Extreme Desert Safari with Professional Photography

Category: Nature & Wildlife
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Fossils and Camel Rock Extreme Desert Safari with Professional Photography


This would be a journey all-encompassing the past and present of the City of Dubai. The mesmerizing trip through the fossils as well as camel rocks would take you to the historic roots of Dubai. Desert adventures such as dune bashing and sand boarding are also bounded in the package to make your entire thrill alive. The clients can also opt for quad biking if they seek for more adventure. The desert camp would welcome you to the Bedouin culture with lot more conventional activities such as henna tattooing, shisha smoking as well as a short span of camel ride. ToursGuys offer exclusive photo-shoots at Fossil rock and Camel rock which are major attractions of the package. Take this venturesome trip with visits to various remarkable locations if you wish to have fun and adventures at the same time.

The licensed tour guide would pick you from your preferred location in a modern land cruiser for your journey to Dubai desert. A short duration interval is set before all the desert adventures. The travelers can avail the provision of washroom facilities during this time.
As a starter to the desert sports, the speed level of your cruiser would get adjusted for the breath taking session of dune bashing. You would be super excited as your land cruiser climbs up and glides down the dunes. You can also prefer for quad biking after this sport if you choose for more adventures.
After enjoying all the desert excitements, we will move for an amazing photo shoot near the Camel rock which is the all-time fascinating natural attraction of the City of Dubai. As the Camel rock being the standing stone surrounded by fossils, you can witness the remains of aged steaks and fish bones if you pour some water into the rocks. Soon after the photo-shoots near the Camel rock, we will move on to the Fossil rock which is popularly known as Jebel Maleihah.
The way to the Fossil rock surrounded by the tall red dunes would definitely be adventurous. The fossil remains of this region are expected to be date more than eighty million years ago. The Fossil rock is also considered to be another photo stop for this package. Moreover, the tour guide would narrate you about history of the Fossil rock for better understanding of the past and present.
After enjoying the photo-shoots at these historic locations of Dubai desert, now it’s the time to embrace the sport of Sand boarding over the terrains. Begin the sand boarding session slowly and glide over the dunes on a wooden board provided once you gain the balance. You would be excited enough to explore the tall dunes once again after dune bashing.
Soon after the Sand boarding, the guide would take you to the desert camp which introduces the Bedouin culture and lifestyle. Traditional Arabian coffee and dates would welcome you to the campsite with conventional activities such as henna tattooing and shisha smoking. You are free to experience these activities as well as to try out the traditional Arab attire while inside the camp. You can also have some clicks with the Falcon bird resting on your hand/shoulder. After the camp activities, you can opt for a camel ride worth short span to watch the desert lives from elevations. A very delicious barbecue buffet dinner would be awaiting you soon after your camel ride. The Tanoura as well as belly dance performances would keep you entertained while enjoying the buffet.
The tour guide would take you back to your preferred location after the dinner as the tour services ends.