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From Dubai: Snorkeling trip with live BBQ lunch in Fujairah

Category: Day Trips
Price From $ 97.2
From Dubai: Snorkeling trip with live BBQ lunch in Fujairah


Swim among the colorful sea life of the Gulf of Oman on a snorkeling adventure in Fujairah. Benefit from round-trip transportation from Dubai city center, and then observe the beautiful sea creatures of the gulf up close and personal.

Journey from Dubai city center to the emirates of Fujairah to swim and snorkel among colorful sea life. Enjoy a snorkeling adventure in the Gulf of Oman and experience the underwater world with ease.
Upon arrival at the snorkeling location, get kitted out with equipment that will allow you to observe the underwater attractions for extended periods with relatively little effort and to breathe while face-down on the surface of the sea. Travel by double deck boat to a snorkeling island, and then marvel at the miraculous aquatic creatures in their natural environment.
Suitable for all ages, and requiring little effort, training or complicated equipment, the tour also includes complimentary soft drinks and water on board to keep you refreshed and live BBQ will be cooked live on board.