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Love Boats Dubai for 90 Minutes

Category: Other Water Sports
Price From $ 78
Love Boats Dubai for 90 Minutes


Book a LOVE BOATS cruise to enjoy the most magnificent views of Dubai’s best landmarks.

See Dubai from a different angle on the best speedboat tour in Dubai! Settle into your seat and experience a thrilling speedboat ride with breathtaking views of the Dubai coastline and iconic landmarks. Our skilled and experienced captains will make sure you have a safe and informative journey.

What is more romantic than exploring the marvellous city of Dubai than with your partner? However, sightseeing the major landmarks and places in Dubai during peak traffic hours can be quite difficult and exhausting too. This is where our Love Boat Tour comes into picture.

The Love Boat Tour is a unique way of sightseeing. You get to experience the thrill of wind gushing against you, while you enjoy riding on the boat in the vast ocean. Moreover, you get to see some of the major attractions of the city. The Love Boat tour comes in various packages, and you can choose one that suits your requirements in the best possible way.