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Morning Old Dubai Walking Tour

Category: Historical & Heritage Tours
Price From $ 103
Morning Old Dubai Walking Tour


Take a morning trip in Old Dubai to witness the city's unique marvels. Travel back in time to its old bustling souks, walk its narrow lanes, learn much about Emirati culture and history, and grab a delicious bite to savor the city's fantastic food and spices.

You’ll start the day by walking the streets of Old Dubai, stopping by a few enchanting sights and witnessing the city’s dynamic history woven by its people. You’ll pass by the souks where once upon a time, vendors were only known by their names so you would often find a buyer shouting out ‘ALI’ in search for his trusted vegetable vendor. There, you can practice your haggling skills and have the 'kteer ghalee' (very expensive) debate to score your best price.
Once you check off all items on your souvenir and friends' shopping lists, you will cross over to the other side of Dubai in a traditional abra, and wander around the old residential neighborhoods admiring their architectural beauty and learning about Emirati hospitality and traditions. By then, your stomach will be grumbling loud enough to guide us to one of Dubai’s best eats where you can eat, drink tea, and be merry.