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New Year Celebration At Desert

Category: Cultural Tours
Price From $ 300
New Year Celebration At Desert


People around the world greet the New Year with different celebrations. To celebrate The New Year’s Eve in some sensational way is always an interesting thing to do. What should be the unique place where to celebrate The New Year’s Eve in an adventurous way? Of course, the Dubai desert will come up. To fulfil your such daring plans Dubai Travel and Tourism’s special New Year Desert Safari offers cherished and marvellous new year celebrations in the middle of the Dubai desert. With us, you will discover a new night under a sky of thousands of stars to celebrate one of the most important events of the New Year.

You can add more adventure to your last day of the year with our special package of The New Year Desert Safari which also includes a thrilling 4x4 ride over the orange desert dunes. We assure you, here you will welcome the New Year with an unmatched twist along with ecstatic entertainment, food and company, all with a memorable experience of Bedouin essence of the desert.

We believe this astounding package will prove a break away from the hackneyed themed parties and crowded spots. It will ensure a different experience of the special event of New Year. You will explore the new realms of adventure and entertainment in the grand deserts of Dubai to make your night special and outstanding. The New Year Desert Safari is an awfully unique way to welcome the brand-new year away from the glamour, rushes and huge spectacles of fireworks of Dubai. It’s a great chance for those who would like a marvellous celebration rather than welcoming the New Year in loud ways.