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Pre-Booked Admission Tickets to the Burj Khalifa with Hotel Transfer

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Pre-Booked Admission Tickets to the Burj Khalifa with Hotel Transfer


• The 829-meter tall Burj Khalifa is a marvel of human accomplishment
• Take the world's fastest elevator waaaay up and get incredible views of the desert beyond
• This architectural marvel towers over the whole desert and, while beautiful from the outside, is absolutely spectacular when seen from the observation deck, 452 m up

Visit: Burj Khalifa - At The Top, Dubai, Emirate of Dubai

Get a sky-high panorama over Dubai from the world’s tallest tower on this sunset tour of the Burj Khalifa. Save time and hassle with pre-booked admission tickets, plus door-to-door hotel pickup timed to get you to the 124th floor observation platform during peak golden light. Admire expansive views over the cutting-edge city, spanning out into the desert.
Treat yourself - and those you're with - to something truly special. Shoot up to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. From these dizzying heights, you'll enjoy some spectacular views of Dubai as you literally live the high life. With panoramic views from the world's highest building, this is a true bucket list experience.
Burj Khalifa is an internationally acclaimed architectural marvel that towers over the whole desert. Though spectacular from the outside, when seen from the observation deck of the 124th floor it takes on a whole new significance.
If you're looking to have a truly remarkable experience in Dubai (and why wouldn't you be?) then make sure you take your opportunity to get inside the Burj. These tickets get you to step into an elevator that transports you nearly 452 m up above the earth's surface, to the 124th floor.
You'll get the most dynamic view as the light changes from daylight, to dusky twilight, to dark - when the lights of Dubai flicker to life. Photographers call this time of day 'magic hour'. You'll definitely be feeling the magic as the sun goes down on the 'City of Gold' and the desert that engulfs it.