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Private Falcon Show Experience

Category: Cultural Tours
Price From $ 950
Private Falcon Show Experience


 Guests will be given the opportunity to hold the hooded falcon and raptors to take photographs during and afterwards the display, provided the raptor is not too stressed or hot. This will be entirely at the discretion of the falconer and should not be viewed as a guaranteed part of the service.
 The entire activity lasts around 60 minutes
Bird of Prey demonstration presented by Wild Flight is bound to be one of the most exciting, entertaining, educational and memorable experiences a visitor to the UAE can have. Guests leave our shows with a deeper understanding of Bedouin life and a new admiration for the national emblem of the UAE and gain more knowledge and understanding of all birds of prey involved in our shows.

Guests are seated in front of the falconer on seating provided by the client. The falconer is accompanied by well-trained raptors wearing traditional Arabic falconry equipment.
Guests are presented with an entertaining and educational lecture on falconry. 
 Subjects covered include:
• History and cultural importance of falconry in the UAE.
• Traditional quarry hunted by Bedouin falconers and species of falcons used.
• Evolution of Emirati falconry culture in the modern age.
• Basic equipment and their purpose.
• Introduction to the raptors.
After the discussion the bird is released and flown to an artificial lure. This demonstrates the traditional method used to recall and exercise a falcon. By nature of a falcon’s flying style, the actual flight is relatively short, but immensely spectacular and impressive to observe from a close distance. Finally, the falcon is retrieved and allowed to feed on the falconer’s glove while guests get the opportunity to take photographs and ask questions. Please note that live bait is never used, and no animals or birds are harmed.