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Walking Tour Dubai: Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage

Category: Street Food Tours
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Walking Tour Dubai: Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage


Join a friendly resident food-lover and certified guide who will take you through our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants and shops in the bustling district of Murraggabat in Deira. We walk from one restaurant to another, sampling 10 different treats and sharing stories of Dubai and of food along the way. Taste deftly tossed cheesy pastry, crisp falafels with moist emerald green bellies, giant smoked fish and pistachio-studded Iranian ice cream.

Feast on Middle Eastern specialties across cherry-picked eateries in one of Dubai’s first communities to be urbanized during the 70s and 80s: Al Rigga. This non-touristy Dubai food tour leaves behind the bustling main road to venture into a hidden street that even most residents and taxi-drivers struggle to find. Nevertheless, it is a treasure trove for everything from flavourful mezze to decadent baklava. We visit restaurants in Deira, Dubai, that are small and humble in size but big on flavour and hospitality.

Our food tour route covers a spectrum of flavours from across the Middle East – herb green falafels and creamy hummus from the Levant, street-style flaky pizza from Egypt, cardamom-scented Arabic coffee from the Gulf, giant smoked fish and tangy mango pickle from Iraq and saffron-infused ice cream from Iran. In addition, we experience the time-tested customs of Arabic coffee, sample fresh sweet cheese pastry right off the stove and become saffron savants as we stroll over to our “Ali Baba’s cave” of exotic ingredients.

Our route and featured tastings are subject to change.

Corner Falafel Cafeteria

'Stuffed' falafels for a DIY-sandwich with hummus, fried eggplant and cauliflower, three kinds of sauces and pickles.

Palestinian-Jordanian Restaurant

Sweet cheese pastry topped with crunchy noodles and pistachios.

Lebanese Baklava Shop

Arabic coffee or 'gahwa' | 'Pressed' date cookie | Pistachio 'cookies and cream' | Mixed boxes of baklava and Arabic cookies also available for purchase.

Egyptian Restaurant

Egyptian 'inside-out' pizza filled with cheese, tomatoes, olives and the Egyptian version of beef pastrami.

Iraqi Restaurant

Lentil soup | Traditional smoked Iraqi fish | Traditional samovar tea.

Iranian Specialty Ingredients and Sweets Shop

Persian sundae with saffron ice cream and rosewater-spiked frozen rice noodles | Rosewater, saffron and nuts available for purchase.