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Burj Nahar

By Sara Branson, Posted on 06 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Burj Nahar is one of the watch towers among the three located in Dubai which stood like a defensive army against all the enemies of the city. About 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport you will find Burj Nahar which is also found at the distance of 15 Kms from World Trade Centre and 7 Kms from Dubai Creek Golf Club. Burj Nahar is one of the finest destinations of Dubai. This area has special attraction for photographer due to gardens and charming locales which you will find here.

In 1870 Burj Nahar was built with the two other watch towers in the city. Burj Nahar is considered as a defensive part of the city due to the invasion of city from east and north. Burj Nahar is also considered as the high status site for heritage tourists in Dubai. It is an attraction for tourists and they take number of photographs in the premises of tower. Ideal time is to visit during spring when flowers are in full bloom.

You can also book your accommodation in hotels of Burj Nahar and plan your trip to go to every place in Dubai which is filled with pleasure and culture. A While you are visiting Dubai the Famous Aeroplane hotel in Burj Nahar will keep you near Burj Nahar. This Aeroplane hotel is in the shape of aircraft which offers all the modern facilities such as sauna, steam and Jacuzzi.

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