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Manama Festivals and Events Overview

By Sara Branson, Posted on 01 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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In 1971, Bahrain became independent and became a free country. Though nearly 80% of the population is Muslim, but cosmopolitan nature has its independent status. The city besides having Islamic culture does not reject modern norms of the modern world.
Its events and festivals are so amazing that the traveler and tourist can not forget them after his tript to Bahrain and especially Manama.
Bahrain Independence Day is celebrated in all over the Bahrain with great courage and passions. This day is called Bahrain National Day. At that day Manama is decorated like a bridal and buildings are enlightened in unique way which makes eyes dreamingly blinked. Marches and parades are made. Speeches are delivered and at evening fireworks are made.
Jewelry Arabia is another important event. It is pretty occasion which is basically fair for jewelry and relative accessories. These locally made precious works are so precious that one can understand true meaning of jewelry. Basically that fair is an international market, where there is sale and purchase is made in very secure way and atmosphere.
Bahrain Grand Prix amazes viewer by its specific characteristics. This event is hosted by Bahrain International Racing Circuit. The tracks have been designed is very special way which makes the daring race more challenging and drivers enjoy so most dangerous racing of their life. Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix has gathered attraction from whole of the world. People come here Manama to see this even specifically.
Bahrain International Book Fair has established a tradition of book sale purchase in this region. Traveler feel very relaxed and literary mood when while visiting through Manama they hand on book fair and take taste of reading and selection of their literary intellect. Almost at every subject a tourist may find the book. Fresh literature and new books are also the stuff of this fair. This fair is held in Bahrain International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).
Muharraq Summer Festival is at Muhharraq Garden. This festival is held on annual basis. So people wait for it. This festival attracts the international tourists also. There are a lot of stalls. Family participation is the beautiful aspect of the festival. So it can be rightly said that this festival is purely a family festival. In this festival children can be seen in great numbers with their mothers having shopping bags and hand bags full of items.
So if a person wants to visit Manama he must see the schedule of these festivals for more fun and enjoy."

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