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Manama Tourist Attractions

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Bahrain is combination of 33 islands. The country had got its name on the base of its largest island Bahrain. These islands are located in Arabian Gulf near the Saudi Arabia. The beautiful amazing point is that Bahrain (which is 586.5sq.ft) is connected by bridges to the Industrial city and airport. Another fantastic are the uninhabited islands which are the natural homes for the migrating birds. Manama is the capital of Bahrain. It is modern place in the Arab. It can be named with certainty that it is the groomed blush bride of the Arab region.  It is full of aroma, busy roads, and high to sky buildings, five star hotels, shopping malls, pubs, sight-seeing places and beautiful peaceful evenings embracing dreamy nights.  It has been linked with bride (King Fahad Causeway) to the other parts of Bahrain main island and other smaller islands. Manama is trend setting fashionable city of the region and which is now influencing the rest of the world too. Manama is hot in summer and mild cold in winter in winter months. In hot summer average temperature in Manama is 36 degrees. The Sitra is the very fantastic place to visit. Basically it is prehistoric settlement. Its remains belong to 2800BC. The excavation  of the area revealed several relics and remnants. Al-Khamas Mosque is another place to visit and see. The mosque has twin minarets. These have very unique and great designing. It is believed that this mosque was constructed in 11th century BC. For preserving this Arabic heritage government has renovated it in beautiful way while keeping its basic classic design intact. This spot attracts the tourists. Siyadi House is yet another place for tourists. It has unique architecture, brilliant ceilings and casements of amazing stained glass. This building was constructed in 19th century by Ahmed Bin Quaseem. He is known for his being a pearl merchant. Fadel Mosque is yet another spot for visit. It has beautiful decorations and a peaceful atmosphere. Manama is most beautiful city of the region. It has markets full of perfumes, cloths, cigarettes, and electronics. There are also gift centers where form nicely made gifts can be purchased.  Shopping malls are beautifully built and can easily be approached. The airport has full facility around it for the tourists in context of rental cars and taxies. Internet facility has made every search possible in few seconds. Manama is the place where from bridges of passions of a tourists arise. Visit it by your own eye!

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