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Manama Weather

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Bahrain is combination of islands. These islands are so beautiful to visit. The biggest island is named of Bahrain, and thus all islands are named Bahrain.  Manma is the main city of the island Bahrain and is capital of the Bahrain.

Like other parts of Bahrain, Manama is also hot and humid with temperature which ranges in between 37 to 38 degree Celsius averagely. So for visiting this season is not very favorable. Even beaches are closed for general public in this season. In summer country receives very rare and seldom rainfall. Even it can be claimed that summer receives nothing of rain.

However winter season is mild cold in Manama like other cities of Bahrain. Best season to visit Manama for tourists is November and December, and upward up to March. Rainfall mostly starts in December and runs up to February.  However that raining season is not worried creating rather is pleasant touch in tour. Secondly Manama hosts migrating birds in this season and paints a very natural portrait which becomes amazing with traditional Arab desert, modern sky touching buildings and cosmopolitan standards.

However in both seasons at evening temperature falls 5 degree below. Thus in summer evening mostly pleasant and so is more in winter. Day time in winter ranges temperature mostly in between 15 to 20 degree Celsius. For the tourists who belong to severe cold region and from those areas which however colder comparatively may have very pleasant feelings during the tour to Manama.

In summer visitors should have sun-blocking creams, light stuff cloths, cold drinks and sun glasses while moving outside. However in winter they should have cold cloths eventually. However in day time they must have with themselves soft drinks. But it doesn’t mean that they may not enjoy coffee with sea breeze smiles.

Beaches in Manama like other beaches in Bahrain are not violent, so there is no fear of Cyclone and Typhoons. However in summer weather is cloudy which renders the atmosphere humid. It causes a bit unpleasant feelings. But sea breeze makes relief. So it can be rightly claimed that Manama has no extreme seasons not even summer.

The exploitation of oil has created a trend which ultimately converted the agriculture into heavy machine deployment and ultimate result is bit rise in temperature. However the modern technological facilities are abundant in the city and tourist faces almost no problems in summer especially as for as hot weather is concerned. Air-conditioned taxies, buses and hotels as well as restaurants have given assurance of promising romantic comforts.

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