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The Corniche in Abu Dhabi

By Sara Branson, Posted on 01 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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UAE is the Islamic cultural and traditional hub. One of the most famous emirates of the UAE is the Abu Dhabi which is not only the largest of all the emirates but is also the capital of the state. Abu Dhabi is rich in culture and architecture and has a strong heritage associated with the city. The most popular one is ‘The Corniche’ which is one the most famous tourists destinations.

The Corniche is a long road which is about 6 kilometers in the length and s the way from Sheraton Resort to the Towers to the Hilton Corniche Residence. Its distance from the Dubai International Airport is around 21 miles. The road is a sight to view and is surrounded by greenery on both sides of the road. You can view amazing buildings on the road side and there are a number of beautiful palaces that you can view in your journey over the road. The best is the view of gardens, trees, and fountains all around the area.

It is a must visit site when you are in Abu Dhabi. It is the trip that you will cherish memories of for your entire life. The natural beauty all around and the beautifully flowing fountains add to the beauty of the Corniche. Your drive through the stunning road would be experience of a lifetime.

You can also enjoy exploring the Corniche through a wooden boat ride. It is one of the traditional ways of exploring the place and is the most enjoyable one. Your trip to Abu Dhabi will be considered incomplete, if you miss to have a journey through the Corniche.

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