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Al Boom Tourist Village

By Sara Branson, Posted on 06 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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If you wish to see the combination of the modern lifestyle and that of ancient Nomadic Tradition, Al Boom Tourist Village of Dubai depicts a perfect combination of both. You will be able to experience and view the Bedouin traditions while your visit to the Al Boom Tourist Village. Some of the houses in Al Boom Tourist Village are a clear picture of the ancient architecture while others are relating to the traditional aesthetic themes located on the Creekside Park. The architectural heritage depicted is fascinating and eye catching. It is a perfect blend of ancient civilization and modern architecture.

Upon your arrival in the Al Boom Tourist Village, you will be served with a hot coffee cup. El-Heif is the first cup of coffee served to a Bedouin in front of guest while the second cup will be for the guest to taste known as El-Keif. First cup is served to a Bedouin to make you feel comfortable and safe while the other cup served to you is for taste so that you can ask for any modifications according to your taste if required. The satisfied coffee cup is then for you to drink after modifications made that you asked for and this one is known as El-Dheif.

Al Boom Tourist Village is also famous for the meal they serve that is the Bedouin food Mensaf. It is a combination of meat and rice cooked in yougurt. Meat can be lamb or beef.

Al Boom Tourist Village is open for you all day long and all days of week. Once in Al Boom Tourist Village, you must take a ride of the cruise boats or floating restaurants. They serve some of the best Arabian dishes. Also another must visit place in the village is the Wonderland Family Fun Park, a must visit specially if you have children with you.

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