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Best Restaurants in Manama

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Manama has several restaurants and these are unique in their categories. These can be sorted out as Seafood, Chinese, Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Italian, European, and Steakhouse as well as Shawarma stands. These sorts indicate the cosmopolitan taste of the local people and also indicate categorically that this city receives cosmopolitan travelers.

In the city there are several Chinese. These restaurants have best chefs of the kind. The taste is unique and makes you feel different when you take in Arab atmosphere. Bam Bu is the famous Chinese restaurant. Electronic sliding doors make this restaurant to feel as if the visitor is somewhere in an international atmosphere as the plenty of food and relaxed excellent hip hop with music makes all dreamy.

Conservatory Café is another unique restaurant. Atmosphere has been made in a classical way. While having café in Arab desert all is felt with some like sea and desert fiction. Café Lilou is another famous spot.

Habara Snaks and Fish is a sea food restaurant. Nicely prepared delicious sea food gives traveler a fresh feeling. Cool walls of restaurant with soft music and smiles make traveler to make promise with himself to come back again Manama some other secret time too!.

Jim’s is the European food restaurant. Food is so genuine that one feels at home if he is from European. Food is English and of other European origin by taste. It is famous for its home cooked eggs and black pudding. Homemade chocolate vodkas are another item to taste.

Steakhouse restaurant is Charcoal Grill which is famous for Kebab and salad.

Al-Sawani is Arabic food center. Best restaurant and is known for getting a crowd around especially at evening. It is also an attraction for foreigners who want to know Arab people and culture by taste. Here group of friends can be seen to enjoy the evening and company. Mezzaluna is another Arabic food restaurant.

Besides these restaurants there are street corners where traveler may have cheap rate foods of same standard. Same is true for tea and cafe stalls. These stalls and street corners are best when a traveler or tourist is moving for shopping or window shopping or is returning after a trip.

In Manama a tourist may find Mediterranean menu with French cheese and wine of old times. Algerian fillet mignon has its own space. Roll and sandwiches make you feel easy when you are in jeans and moving for hanging on with friends.

So feel free and easy when you visiting Manama and have appetite for some other different taste as you are traveler and out of from home for all diversity.

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