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Central Public Gardens Al Ain

By Sara Branson, Posted on 01 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Al Ain is also called the garden city which is covered with amazing greenery even in the middle of the dessert. Due to huge forestation programs the plan life in the city is very excellent. This place was previously desert but still it has changed beautifully into a landscape city with full of plant life which provides greenery.

There are many beautiful parks in Al Ain city. One of the famous and largest parks is the Central Public Garden which has few attractions such as grand fountain which changes it shapes and lighting displays. There is also a playground in this park where children can spend the whole day without getting tired. The Central Public Gardens is located at the west side of clock tower, which is the centre of Al Ain city/ this garden has become the most favourite attraction for children’s as well as for elders.

The city of Al Ain is filled with trees, fountains and flowering plants and many other beautiful views. There around 70 public parks and gardens which are located in the city and make the city beautiful and green. All these are a part of the city which has help to make this place a very popular one for tourist’s destinations and keep the city attractive. Al Ain has a huge area which is used for plantation of fruit, vegetable and palm tree in the suburbs.

Hence Al Ain has become one of the great attractions of entire UAE. Keep surfing on our website and you will get more information about the city.  You can book Al Ain Hotels and Sharjah Hotels on this site.

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