Durrat Al Arus in Jeddah

By Sara Branson, Posted on 01 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Jeddah which is located in Saudi Arabia has become the second largest city is Saudi Arabia which is an ancient city for about 2,500 years old. Apart from the Red Sea this location is strategically developing and remains at the top due to the Holy cities which are located here that is Mecca and Madina. Because of these Holy places Jeddah is considered as the gateway to reach those places to perform Hajj. Apart from majority of Muslim pilgrims, Jeddah has now turned into a very famous tourist destination point as many people come here to enjoy their vacations. There are many historical as well as modern sightseeing places offered by Jeddah beside the Red Sea. Biet Nassif has become a prominent tourist attraction in Jeddah.

The history of Jeddah is reflects through the architectural look of the city. Biet Nassif has the richest historical past. In the year 1990 Arab authorities started the preservation of historical structures by the help of Historical Area Preservation Department , so that they can promote cultural tourism in the country and keep those historical places and alive. During this renovation period many of the houses in which Biet Nassif House was include also renovated.

This old city, Biet Nassif in Jeddah is as old as it was built in mid 1800's. This is a 5 floors building, offers visitors to visit and collect the information and take pleasure of this mixture of traditional architecture with modernity. This house is located at Sug al Alawi and own by the Nassifs who was a merchant clan which settled in Jeddah. This house is one of the most popular in Jeddah. This place has hosted number of rich people of Saudi Arabia which include the visit of King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud and also the founder of Saudi Arabia. But now Nassif has turned in to a museum where the things and structure is still alive in everyone’s heart as well as on that place.

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