Entertainment in Jeddah

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Jeddah is located on the road that joins the two Holy cities of significant importance towards the Muslims all over the world. These cities are Mecca and Madina. The city also serves as the ideal place for tourists of different parts of the world. There are a number of famous landmarks, tourist’s destinations and wonderful sights all around the city to explore. Some of the must visit places in the city include Monuments and Sculptures, Corniche, Beach and Sea, Houses Architecture and Old City, Museums, Downtown and City Center, Durrat Al Arous and Jeddah Mountain. Thus these monuments and other entertaining places attracts a number of visitors every year to the city.

Jeddah is quite famous for a number of unique and brilliant sculptures it has. These offer an amazing sight to view in Jeddah. Some of the most famous and big sculptures include the Sadaf Square and the victorious horse square. Another must visit sight is the Jeddah Corniche which is specially a must view at the time of sunset where it offers a fabulous view. Jeddah beaches are the ideal place to camp, or snorkel in the coral reefs. Children there can also enjoy the pony and camel rides. For adults one of the most interesting activities is diving and there exist a number of excellent wrecks. At the beach, you will also find a number of stalls and restaurants for snacks and meals. Thus it serves as a perfect picnic point for families and friends.

The architectural legacy of the city of Jeddah is quite interesting and the old houses in the city depict the excellence of architecture there. One of the most important sight in terms of architectural heritage is the ancient house Nassif House which was built in the 1870s. it was the former house of the oldest and most respectable family of 100 members living with their staff. The family was in the trading business. This ancient building is a four storey at the front and seven at the back. It has enjoyed the fame of being the tallest building of the city till the 1970s. there are two significantly popular museums namely the National Musuem and the Municipality Museum. Another must view is the structure of the Queen’s building located in downtown. It is based on a massive are with a number of shops nearby where you can buy genuine and authentic jewels, clothes, perfumes and other accessories.

Another major attraction is the tallest fountain in the world which is Jeddah Fountain. It enjoys a height of 261 meters and is viewable from quite a distance. Well known for fishing, diving and swimming in the Red Sea, is the famous huge modern tourist village known as the Durrat Al Rous. There are golden sand beaches where you can enjoy renting a speedboat for Jet Ski and wind surfing. Children can enjoy on the special playgrounds with attendents.

Not only this but there is lot more to explore in the city of Jeddah and thus it is termed as a complete entertaining city.

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