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Fly in Comfort and Safety While Flying In the Etihad Airline

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Etihad Airline is a very young Airline Company in the World and it is just 7 years old. But within this short period it is fast emerging as one of the premier airlines.   Etihad Airline was the recipient of the prestigious World Travel Awards for the second consecutive time after competing with all the airlines of the World.  This airline is creating sensations in the Gulf based Airlines as it is continuously bagging Awards after Awards due to its excellent operational efficiency, superior service and highest customer satisfaction.

Etihad Airline is one of the Airlines that is introducing many destination wise cheap flights and due to this it has become very favorite among those who fly to the Gulf but also to the other established International destinations. The Etihad Airline is known for the highest customer satisfaction as it is offering many comforts not only to the higher class passengers but also those who are in the economy class. Due to this Etihad Airline has won the World’s Leading First Class' airline for the third time recently. It has a rich ambience inside its aircraft and the food is nice with excellent and understanding Cabin service. Etihad Airline has three zones for flying.

The diamond class represents the first class; the pearl represents the business class. The economy travelers of Etihad Airline fly in the coral zone. The passengers of Etihad Airline travelling in the coral zone are also get better facilities when compared to other airlines. The seat of this class in the Etihad Airline comes with  a unique cradle recline that offers full support to your spine as the seats are ergonomically designed for more comfort while on long flights. The Etihad Airline offers a three course dining options and provides the facility to charge your mobile, laptop or your camera while seated on your seat.

If you are travelling as a First class passenger in the Diamond zone of the Etihad Airline you are in for more comforts and you can enjoy your flight while relaxing in the diamond seat with an 180 degree rotation that comes with a 23 inches LCD screen. If you chose to fly Etihad Airline in its Pearl Zone meant for Business travelers you can use the full flat business beds.

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