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Grand Mosque

By Sara Branson, Posted on 06 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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From the Dubai Creek it is very easy to catch many attractive destinations in Dubai. Grand Mosque is locates at the Bur Side of Dubai Creek. This Grand Mosque was built in 1900 A.D. which is made of traditional Islamic architectural style. There is also a Madrasas where children were taught Islamic things to live a better life it is also a Quranic School call kutab in Arabic which is similar to Madrasas where children are taught Quran and Muslim religious Principles. Total 1200 devotees come here to worship due to which the Mosque was re built with a Minarte about 70 meters high and tallest in Dubai. Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in entire in UAE.

Only Muslims have permission to enter the Mosque. But if you are a non-Muslim and came here to see the architecture and cultural magnificence of the Mosque you will be only allowed to take pictures of tall minaret, wonderfully designed walls, shining domes and fabulous glass panels and antique window shutters from the premises of the Mosque. There are about 54 domes in the mosque from which 45 are small and 9 large.

Grand Mosque is also known as Al Jumeirah Mosque. This mosque is also the most photographed and famous building for tourists in Dubai.

Interior space of the Mosque is more striking which is reflection of Islamic architecture. During 7th century Syrian culture has increase the scope of art and architecture from many regions such as Atlantic and south Asia who has put roots of this Traditional Islamic art and architecture.
According to experts there is no Islamic work in their Traditional Islamic Architecture nor there is any main style which reflects Islamic style.

Hence the local differences are in numerous and scattered but at the main point where they unite is existence of geometric design and arabesque styles in their architecture.

Make your journey to Dubai memorable with full of pleasure and joy and increase your information about traditional Islamic Architecture at Grand Mosque Dubai.

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