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How to Get in Manama

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Manama has developed a new world. Excess of money and under well flourished economy of the Bahrain has taken its capital, Manama a boosted place to live, visit and tour. Manama has several and several places to visit. It has high skyline buildings and twinkling shopping malls. Also have pubs. The soil of Manama presents several fairs and festivals accompanied by national events. This city is enriched with traditions and Arab culture which has been preserved in form of exhibits places in museums.

This city has several means and routs to get in landed by a tourist at there.

Air travelling is the most fastest and comfortable mode of reaching there. Gulf Airways is the best air transport system. However there are other international air lines too. Among them is also British Air ways. Air port is beautifully constructed. There is best system for rental cars and taxies outside of the airport. So a traveler has no problem after landing at airport to reach at hotels, markets and other places. All destinations are at the tips of the traveler. Online surfing for the hotels and other destinations are at just one click.

By Road there are several routes. On 26 November 1986 a causeway in between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain was officially inaugurated by King Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz and Shaikh Isa Bin Salaman. It was named as King Fahad Vauseway. As per a survey conducted in 2008, 45,000 vehicles pass through this way at weekdays and 60,000 vehicles use this bridge in weekends. Saudi Bahraini Transport Company (SABTCO) buses run all day this way. This causeway moves through the sea and gives you an heart-feeling provoking passions. So people who reach Saudi Arabia for religious purpose or for the aim of some business or tour may reach Manama through that amazing Causeway. Besides it there are several intra and inter network of roads and bypasses throughout the country which ultimately move in Manama.

Ferry travelling is yet another beautiful was to reach in Manama. Beautiful ferries moves whole of the day to take you to Manama and other islands. The more informative aspect is the ferry service in between Bahrain/Manama and Iraq. So people who visit Iraq for religious places and want to visit Manama may have no problem. The ferry journey is comfortable and easy. It is also cheap as compared to air journey.

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