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Jumeirah Archaeological Site Dubai

By Sara Branson, Posted on 06 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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The ancient trade route between Iraq and Northern Oman, Jumeirah was a station for camels and horses along with these routes. A Rich population are found at the suburban region south of Dubai. Old archaeological remains from 7th to 15th century A.D. where found during the mining in 1968. These remains where found out to be the existence of houses, stores and souks. Among these houses one was found to be the Palace of one ruler of that period in this region. The modern Islamic civilizations during this period are Kush in northern Ras Al-Khaimah, and Jazirat al-Hulaylah.

Metal armoury, domestic equipment in stone, remains of dwellings, beach rock farush and lime plaster all these materials are used to build the houses, other things are hunting tools, coins, pottery and other household remains. All these were sent to Dubai Museum and Heritage and Diving Village, Shindagha so that tourists can have a look at these ancient and historic things.

Jumeirah Archaeological site reflects a picture of existence of Islamic era. Apart from gaining information about the culture and civilization of Dubai this site also amuses many of the researchers, archaeologists and international tourists which make this site a point of entertainment.

This Jumeirah Archaeological site is generally not opened for public due to protect these important reserves of archaeological knowledge. Dubai museum will grant on special request to visit the site if you are a tourists or even if you are an archaeology student.

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