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Heritage and Diving Village

By Sara Branson, Posted on 06 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Shindagha Area which is located at Dubai Creek, where you will find Heritage and Diving Village which displayed about traditional Arabian lifestyle, customs and traditions. In the Heritage section of this village which displayed ancient artefacts, utensils, armoury, dresses etc. which may portray the modern form of art of a cultured man.

Because of Barsati homes Heritage village is considered as a unique thing. Visitors enjoy delicious Arabian cuisine in an outdoor kitchen attached to their homes. Barsat means rain which is also incorporate with other languages such as Urdu and Hindi. Setting one room at the terrace due to space inside the home is called Barsati home. Barsati home gives a concept of increasing the space by setting room on the top of a house which is considered as an effective way to utilize space. Before leaving the place there is a must thing to buy for your remembrance or memento from the small souk of Heritage Village.

Diving Village is a name of museum which formally displays fishing traditions and maritime activities in UAE. Diving Village displays wooden boats and pearling boats which was the mainly focused on water transport that existed in the ancient city but now moved to a modern city dweller. This village also show free demonstrations of pearl diving in during your journey. Pearl diving is considered as one of the traditional professions of the region which seems to be dangerous even when the sea water is safe and warm. Pearl diving is not advisable during the month of April to September. A Previously all the locals were greatly involved in this profession, but now this profession is vanished before tourists.

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