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Marriott Hotel Restaurant in Jeddah

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Jeddah is an exciting place in Saudi Arabia and is quite popular among tourists from different parts of the world. Eating in itself is the culture of the city and thus the city features a number of fascinating restaurants that to your delight serve some of the best cuisines serving both international as well as traditional dishes. So when eating is in question, you do not need to worry about. There are plentiful of places all around the city where you can enjoy a fine dining experience with your family, friends and loved ones. One of the ideal places to dine in Jeddah city is the Marriott Hotel Restaurant.

The Marriott Hotel Restaurant serves you the best taste and quality of cuisines. There they offer you a wide variety to choose from. It serves one of the largest buffets in the city. Friday brunch in the restaurant is well liked and guests look forward to it. The restaurant serves the best seafood in town, the best in quality, freshness and taste.

The Marriott Hotel Restaurant serves the Barbecue Night which is a must to visit due to the excellent ambiance of the place which makes dining a glorious experience. A perfect meal is served there in the most pleasant manner that it could be served in. so it is surely a not to miss opportunity when you are in the city.

Albasateen Restaurant is another major attraction of the Marriott Hotel Restaurant of Jeddah. It is quite famous for its diversified variety of cuisines. These cuisines are served with the perfect taste, flavor and aroma thus making it more appealing for its guests.

Marriott Hotel Restaurant of Jeddah offers something to suit and feed every taste and desired and thus provides a pure and completely pleasant experience that you can cherish for your lifetime.

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