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The night scene of Dubai

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Even though Dubai is an Arab city, it doesnt pale in comparison at all to other cities of the world. The amount of recreation and entertainment value in Dubais nightlife is phenomenal. The sun goes down in Dubai and the city then emerges in its full bloom of extravagance.

Celebrities and models have been known to visit many of the great places in Dubai such as the Hard Rock Café, the Irish Village and the Bridges bar. All of these places are well renowned entertainment value during the night time.

Dubai also offers a vast array of nightclubs to choose from and everyone is permitted by to access any club they wish to choose. The clubs however charge excessive amounts of money for permission into them.

Of course when there is such leisure there are also restrictions to keep everything in order. Dubai has strict laws against alcohol. City restaurants are not permitted to sell alcohol and you can only acquire drinks from hotel bars. Clubs too have restrictions in which they must close by 3 am and to also maintain an entry age of 25. Alcohol is not permitted to be sold to anyone under the age of 21..

Spending your money in Dubai

One of Dubais most extravagant appeals is shopping. Gargantuan malls have been built in this city which add great beauty to the skyline as well as a means to spend your money luxuriously.

A few of the most renowned names in Dubais shopping list are as follows, Wafi City, The Mall of Emirates and the Deira City Centre. There is very little that these malls do not offer, from famous food chains from across the globe to even home appliances. However Dubai is mainly known for its sale of carpets, Bedouin jewelry and souvenirs. If your hopping on a plane to Dubai make sure these malls are on your checklist of places to visit!

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