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Amazing Souks (markets) in Dubai

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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One of the seven states in UAE (United Arab Emirates) Dubai is famous for its shopping spots and wonderful markets. The growth in the economy of the region exponential for past ten years and as a result it is most progressive, modern and innovative state among seven. Dubai has develop exceptionally is trade and tourism. The main attraction for tourists staying in Dubai is shopping.

Traditional Arabic markets are called souks. These places get the most attention from tourists and locals where they can sell or buy all sorts of goods. Bur Dubai and Deira is the major shopping places in the area. Gold, spices, textiles fish, and perfumes are five common sorts of markets. Following is listed the famous markets of each type to visit while your stay in Dubai.

In Deira you can find Dubai's primary fish market. It is not a regular tourist place of attraction but it is worth exploring to see several types of fish that can be bought there. It is always very noisy and crowded here. The best time to shop is early in the morning or late evening.

Al Dhagaya is the commercial district in the center of Deira which is worldwide famous for its gold souks. There are more than 300 gold souks which specifically deal in gold jewelry. It will take more than a day to visit this whole area.

Arabian domain has aptitude of exotic which is evident from perfume souks. Tourist can visit the finest perfume on Sikkat Al Khail Street situated in Deira side of Dubai. As their delegate nature perfumes found here not that light and flowery as someone guess. The perfumes sold here have very strong fragrance which last long after wearing it.

Dubai spice soul also called Old Souk is covered with sharp fragrances that rag your senses. Market is winding through narrow paths with loud hollers of merchants displaying their products. This souk attracts the food lover as they can find Arab and south Asian spices abundantly.

People who love fashion and fabric cannot find better place in the area than Dubai textile souk. Because of the frequent travelers and visitors from all around the world this area has become the hub for Middle Eastern fabrics. It is loud, crowded and wild here but it is worthy to visit this market to purchase some of the best fabric created in the world.

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