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UAE Visa Information

By Sara Branson, Posted on 27 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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There are different kinds of Visas that one may require to enter UAE region and there are various factors associated with it. It really depends on following main factors:

• Purpose of your visit
• Duration of your visit
• Your nationality

Rules and regulations of visa change and thus you need to take care of it and keep yourself updated with latest notes on visa information. You must also check with the regional embassy or consulate of UAE to verify the information and we would suggest you to recheck with the airline as well in order to save yourself from any last minute trouble. We regularly try to update you with most recent and updated information.

GCC Citizens

If you belong to a GCC country, you do not need a visa to visit UAE region. Upon your arrival to UAE, you would need to present your GCC country passport or ID Card.

AGCC Residents

If you posses a high professional status (for example managers of companies, businessmen, accountants, doctors, engineers, auditors, pharmacists, public sector employees or their families, personal staff or drivers) and you are not a GCC country national, you are entitled for renewable 30-day visa on arrival from approved entry ports.

Other Nationalities

Citizens of following countries:

France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Andorra, San Marino, New Zealand, Japan, Vatican, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, United States, Australia, , Brunei, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Finland, UK (with residence rights) and Hong Kong SAR passports holders can avail free of charge visa facility upon arrival in UAE for single visit. This list may change from time to time and thus you must verify your country to be entitled for this free visa entry from your regional UAE embassy or airline. If you are citizen of any other country, a sponsor and visa is required for your visit to UAE. Visa is applied for you by sponsor on behalf of you.

Valid sponsors

1. Tourist Visa (with validity of 30 days) is applied for you by Hotels & Tourist Companies. Service visa is valid for 14 days and visit visa for 30 days. Your visit visa can be extended for another 30 days.

2. 96-hour Transit Visa is applied by the airlines for members of their crew.

3. Other companies in UAE can apply for Service and Visit Visas only.

4. People living in UAE (your relatives or friends) can apply for visit visa on your behalf based on some guidelines.

Required Documents

1. Application for Visa
2. Copy of passports (for all those who are visiting).
3. Letter declaring your sponsor issued from country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the diplomatic mission.
4. Permission type specified for example business, tourism etc.
5. Classification of permission (whether short term, long term, single entry, multiple etc.)
6. Passport with validity of 6 months at least.
7. Passport photo (clear one, scanned passport preferred instead of scanned copy).

Special Application Remarks
1. Complete applications.
2. Information of applicant typed (preferable).
3. At least 48 hours must be allowed for issuance of visa.

Visa Types and Fees

Before you enter UAE, visas are valid for 60 days.

Visa Fees:

  • Visa Multiple Entry (6 months validity, each stay can be extended for a period of 14 days) - 2000 AED
  • Permission for Long Term Visit (90 days non renewable) - 1000 AED
  • Permission for Short Term Visit (30 days non renewable) - 500 AED
  • Permission for Study Visit (90 days renewable twice) - 1000 AED
  • Permission for Study Entry Renewal - 500 AED
  • Permission for Treatment Entry (90 days renewable once) - 1000 AED
  • Permission for Treatment Entry Renewal - 500 AED
  •  Entry Permit to attend Conferences and Exhibitions (30 days non renewable) - 100 AED
  • Entry Permit for Tourists (30 days renewable once) - 100 AED
  • Renewal of Entry Permit for Tourists - 500 AED
  • Entry Permit for GCC Residents, 60 days - 100 AED
  • Renewal of Entry Permit for GCC Residents - 500 AED
  • Entry Permit for GCC Citizens Companions - 100 AED
  • Renewal of Entry Permit for GCC Citizens Companions - 200 AED
  • Mission Entry Visa - 200 AED
  • Transit Visa - 100 AED

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