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Dubai Desert Safari

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Safaris are fun in countries like Kenya and South Africa, right? A place like Dubai will not offer any opportunities to enjoy a safari experience, right? Wrong. True to its inimitable style, Dubai offers numerous safari opportunities for all its visitors and promises an unforgettable experience. Safaris in Dubai are conducted in the desert. How can desert safaris Dubai conducted over vast tracts of sand dunes be any fun? Would it not be a boring experience? Certainly not. Given below are some attractions and activities that form a part of desert safaris in Dubai.


Sightseeing in the desert? This may seem ridiculous at first. The truth is that the desert offers numerous opportunities to enjoy panoramic views that cannot be experienced anywhere else. How about watching the sun rise over the deserts of Dubai thereby converting the sand dunes into glittering diamonds of different hues? Or romantic sunsets coupled with a glorious moon rise as well? How about enjoying the cool wind and relaxing in your sleeping bag when watching billions of twinkling stars in the desert sky above? These experiences can be enjoyed only when you are a part of desert safaris Dubai expeditions.

Adventure Sports

Skiing on water is blasé and boring. How about skiing on sand? This activity requires as much skill as water skiing. Would it not be wonderful to upload your sand skiing photos on your FB profile to the general amazement of your friends and relatives? You can ski early in the morning and enjoy the brilliant sun rise from the best seat in town. Or, you can opt to go rushing down the sand dunes during sun set as well.

Anybody who has visited Dubai will have the desire to go crashing into the sand dunes and rollicking around like a kid. Well, sand dune bashing helps you convert this dream into reality. Most desert safaris in Dubai own SUVs that are maintained specifically for sand dune bashing. As the name suggests, this activity involves rushing the SUVs at high speeds through sand dunes and hills for a bumpy yet highly enjoyable experience. Professional drivers ensure your dune bashing experience is perfectly safe.

Want to take charge of your desert safaris Dubai expeditions? Well, you can hop on to quad bikes and tackle the sand dunes on your own. These bikes with four oversized wheels are perfectly safe. You can move around in the desert and race your friends from one dune to another till your need for speed is sated.

Food, Entertainment and Luxuries

Enjoy delicious food and fun filled entertainment activities in luxurious settings in the middle of the desert by opting for the best desert safaris Dubai. Opt for an evening safari or go in for overnight desert safaris in Dubai to enjoy luxury out in the wild desert. Belly dancing, unlimited cups of ghawa and sweet dates, henna painting, trying traditional costumes, buffet BBQ dinner and unlimited soft drinks- you can enjoy all this right in the middle of the desert.

End Desert Safaris Dubai With A Camel Ride

How can desert safaris in Dubai end without camel rides? This activity may seem boring as compared to other exciting activities but has an old world charm of its own and is definitely recommended for honeymoon couples.

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