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Fairmont Cigar Bar

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Fairmont Cigar Bar is the appropriate place for Cigar lovers to visit during their trip. Dubai offers a wide range of Bars and nightclubs which is very difficult from them to choose where to go because every nightclub has different environment and atmosphere. The Fairmont Cigar Bar is situated the 2nd floor of the Fairmont Hotel Dubai which is considered as the best bars in Dubai. There is an exclusive cigar collection found in this bar.

Fairmont Cigar Bar offers specialty scotches, cognacs and vintage ports so that visitors can get pleasure. Beautiful rich dark oak and rustic furniture keep visitors comfortable while having cigar. Fairmont Cigar Bar offers beautiful and wide ranges of Cuban cigars as well as the best international brands are also available. This bar is best place for Cigar lovers to enjoy and take pleasure with exciting atmosphere a person can simply sit and enjoy the amazing cigars whole night long.

Staff at Fairmont Cigar Bar is very helpful and cooperative which helps with extensive menu offer at this bar. It also offers delicious and mouth watering International cuisines as well as speciality food of Dubai. Drinks can be served before the dinner while you decide your menu.

Dubai is famous for its Fairmont Cigar Bar which offers unlimited variety of cigars as well as lively atmosphere so that visitors can enjoy themselves. These bars are must place to visit during your journey to Dubai.

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