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Festivals and Events in Abu Dhabi

By Sara Branson, Posted on 01 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates of UAE and is most popular in UAE. Abu Dhabi is the largest among all the other emirates of UAE and is the capital city of UAE. It is known for its natural beauty and historical heritage. It is the cultural hub of UAE with a number of cultural attractions within the area. The city has a multicultural nature where you will find people belonging to different cultures, religions and nations. Abu Dhabi is termed as a cosmopolitan city of UAE with a number of tourist attractions and entertaining activities. There are a number of festivals and events arranged in the city.
Apart from celebrating the Islamic festivals and events, the city arranges different kinds of festivals that attract millions of people from different parts of the globe. These events and festivals have popularity and recognition worldwide. Abu Dhabi is a city which is known for organizing a number of successful events every year.
The most exciting and fascination among a number of festivals arranged in the city is the Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival. During the Shopping Festival, Abu Dhabi seems to be in a completely different charm as there gather shopping lovers from different parts of the world and the city turns itself in to a shopper’s paradise. It is one of the most exciting events arranged in the city and the biggest one as well.
Abu Dhabi is also well known for hosting sporting events and other recreational activities arranged within the city. The most famous one is the biggest motor show in the world at present arranged in Abu Dhabi. Other popular events include Abu Dhabi International Jewelry and Watch Show, and Al Ain International Music Festival. These festivals and events are a must visit.
So one of the most preferred time to visit the city is during the festival season as you can make most out of your trip during these events and can make your trip the most memorable one!

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