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Peppermint Club

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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The most prosperous and stylish among the Seven Emirates of UAE is Dubai. At previous ages this place was nothing and filled with old fashioned town of courtyard houses but then gradually this place has become world’s famous destination which is touching the sky with a lavishing lifestyle and all modern architecture. Tourists from all round the world come here for shopping as well as to relax and feel the charm of mixture of modernity and antiquity. Dubai is filled with bars and nightclubs which will leave a life time impression on tourists. Although this city is considered as ultra modern society this city, Dubai is filled with its traditions and culture and does all the things into a certain boundaries which are created by its culture. Travel guide will give you details about Bars and Restaurants in Dubai and place for entertainment, for shopping and much more to bring spice in your journey to the beautiful city. If you want to enjoy your night at Dubai Peppermint Club is the place where you should go and found endless fun it offers.

Peppermint club is located in the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is a very modern and elegant club which reflects its culture. Almost 5000 visitors come to this club every week as it is considered as the most happening club where everyone forget his all tensions and enjoy life while having party time. You will feel as if every hour is a Happy Hour while enjoying in this nightclub. Nobody without entrance pass has permission to enter to this club due some restrictions and strictness of rules and regulations at Peppermint Club.

The Peppermint Club has very nice dancing arrangements as compare to other Nightclubs in Dubai. Best DJs are gathered from all over the world to play most mystical or fusion or grooviest music.  Many of the known socialites and celebrities all around this world choose this nightclub to enjoy and party and is the best choice for all of them considering it a Hi Fi club.  You would be aware with all latest trends and fashion while enjoying there, Smart casuals are the dress code of the club. Peppermint club offers famous 'labels' of beverages; it also offers music with high quality sound system and gives you luxurious and fantastic environment.

Enjoy a romantic night with your partner at Peppermint Club which is filled with music and dance.

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