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Transportation in Dubai

By Sara Branson, Posted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Dubai city is a perfect combination of tradition and modernization. Combination of both can be seen clearly in all affairs of the everyday life. A perfect example is the transportation facility in the city. Whereas the city is well equipped with a number of modern transportation systems, it still has the facility to travel on camel and use abras small motorboats for transportation. This clearly depicts that in spite of the modernization, there is still existence of its ancient culture and traditions.

In transportation, buses play a vital role and are one of the most liked transportation for local people as well as tourists of the city. Dubai municipality is the responsible for proper functioning and management of the public transportation system. Every day around 24,000 people travel through these buses which travel along 62 different routes and travels around 168,000 kilometers every working day. There are a total of 8 well maintained bus stations around different parts of the city. There are around 1500 bus stations and the famous three well maintained depots of buses are at Al Ramoul, Al Qusais and Al Awir. These take care of the maintenance of the buses. The bus fare is around 1 to 4 Dirhams.

Air travel is the most preferred mode of transportation in the modern era which is the fastest way to travel. Dubai is reported to have one of the busiest and most crowded airports in the UAE. According to the 2004 reports, there are around 107 airlines currently connecting to Dubai city and they travel to around 160 destinations all over the world. Some are direct and some are connecting flights to various places. Emirates and Gulf Air are the most famous ones.

Other famous modes of transport include taxi and abra services. Taxi is a relatively new service introduced in the Dubai city which is under development phase. For the first phase, around 100 women are given proper training to run around 50 taxis. The reservation and inquiry number for renting a taxi service is 04-2080808. The taxi stand is at Deira Dubai.

Abra service is a custom of the ancient times and is currently very much popular among visitors. It offers you a chance to have an amazing view of the Dubai Creek while traveling. The routes of these abras pass connecting abra stations of Bur Dubai and Deira Old Souk, and, Dubai Old Souk and Sabakha. Around 150 abras run through Dubai Creek every day.

If you wish, you can also hire a bicycle for sightseeing in Dubai.

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